WestCAT offers travel training to the public upon request and at no charge. Interested parties may call (510) 724-3331 or email us at info@westcat.org and request travel training assistance. We offer training for anyone who would like to learn how to ride a WestCAT bus. This training is offered onsite at the WestCAT facility.

Training Content

  • How to read the schedule.
  • How to determine which route you need.
  • Where and how to catch the bus.
  • How to pay your fare.
  • How to determine where to exit the bus.
  • How to safely exit and board the bus.
  • How to save the most money by purchasing the correct pass or ticket.
  • How to properly use the lift.

If requested, it is also possible to arrange a ride-along in order for the person to become familiarized with riding an actual WestCAT bus. We will assist the public in any way we can to make our system a convenient alternative for them.