WestCAT will be running modified schedules for the following holidays during the month of January

Monday, 1/16 – MLK, Jr. Day

Routes 11, 19, and Dial-a-Ride: Saturday Service
LYNX: Limited Service

Limited Lynx Schedule

Lynx Holiday Schedule (PDF)

MLK - Hercules to SF - AM

WillowVictoria by the BayHercules Transit CenterSF Transbay Terminal
5:00 a5:03 a5:11 a5:45 a
5:30 a5:33 a5:41 a6:20 a
6:00 a6:03 a6:11 a6:50 a
7:00 a7:03 a7:41 a7:20 a
7:40 a7:43 a7:51 a7:50 a
8:20 a8:23 a8:31 a9:10 a
8:50 a8:53 a9:01 a9:40 a

MLK - SF to Hercules - AM

SF Transbay TerminalHercules Transit CenterBio RadWillow
5:55 a6:25 a6:30 a
6:25 a6:55 a7:00 a
6:55 a7:25 a7:30 a7:35 a
7:25 a7:55 a8:00 a8:05 a
8:05 a8:35 a**
8:40 a9:10 a**
9:15 a9:45 a**
9:40 a10:10 a**
*Trip provided by request only.

MLK - Hercules to SF - PM

Bio RadHercules Transit CenterSF Transbay Terminal
3:30 p3:35 p4:15 p
4:10 p4:15 p4:55 p
4:45 p4:55 p5:40 p
5:25 p5:30 p6:10 p
5:55 p6:00 p6:45 p
6:35 p6:40 p7:25 p

MLK - SF to Hercules - PM

SF Transbay TerminalHercules Transit CenterWillowVictoria by the Bay
3:20 p3:55 p4:05 p4:08 p
3:50 p4:25 p4:40 p4:43 p
4:30 p5:05 p5:20 p5:23 p
5:00 p5:35 p5:50 p5:53 p
5:40 p6:15 p6:30 p6:33 p
6:20 p6:55 p7:10 p*7:13 p
6:55 p7:30 p7:45 p*7:48 p
7:35 p8:10 p8:20 p*8:23 p
*After 6:33 pm, trips to Victoria by the Bay will be provided upon request.